Principal Message


Dr. Satwinder Singh Dhillon

The role of educational institutions in the life of an individual is very significant. It is second only to that of the parents. It is parents who first determine and shape the behaviour and aptitude of an individual. Whatever values are transferred to the individual by his parents, they continue through out the life. But the role of teachers in an institution is not less than that of parents. If we read the life history of great men, we will find that whatever they were, they were due to their Guru' or teachers. Major share of their success goes to their teachers or to the institutions in which they spent their student life. Alexander the Great saluted his teacher Aristotle for his success,under whose influence ,he became a great . Man can forget everything in his life but he can not forget his almamater . He remembers his teachers through out his life. Khalsa College, Garhdiwala is an old and prominent institution of the area which was established by the visionary men like Dr. M.S. Randhawa and Mahant Sewa Dass. The institution has been playing a significant role in uplifting and advancing the students of the area in their lives. Today many students have been occupying the higher positions in the society after completing their studies in this institution. I am hopeful that the institution and its staff will play a significant role in leading the present and future generations of the area to overwhelming success.